Luana Rastelli

                CEO of Rastelli Beauty PRO, one of the most successful lash companies in Brazil, Luana Rastelli has been expanding her knowledge in the beauty industry since 2009 and has established herself as a true leader in the lash industry. In addition to her knowledge, Luana is also becoming well known for her leadership, motivation and drive. As a sought speaker, as well as a judge, she has been a big part of some of the biggest lash events in Brazil.

                Attentive to the world’s leading beauty trends and with several international certificates, she is committed to bring the most modern techniques and products of eyelash extension to all professionals in the segment.

                Her efforts and dedication have positioned Luana Rastelli as the most sought after instructor in Volume technique. In her hometown in Brazil, she has enabled hundreds of professionals to add this lucrative skill that provides tremendous value to their service menu. Luana’s students often report this skill is the new best seller inside their beauty center.
                With so much effort and dedication, she now has several international partners. This expansion has raised the level of quality even more as well as provided worldwide recognition of her brand.  In a market that is increasingly heated and competitive, Rastelli Beauty PRO’s brand recognition and specific technique of eyelash extension application offers her students a tremendous advantage.